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April 26, 2010 Leave a comment

What's this line for? It's for the line up ahead! Oh...sweet!



Lines to get into lines for other lines!

That is what stands out in my mind when someone asks me about the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. Followed very quickly by “fucking awesome!”

Leonard Nimoy!

Brent Spiner!

Billy Dee Williams!

Malcolm MacDowell and so on.

It was truly awesome.

It was my first Con of any kind ever. So I didn’t know what to expect really. I figured with “Advance tickets” I wouldn’t have to stand in line for an hour to get in. But I did. We figured out where and when the Leonard Nimoy panel would be and made plans to get in line for that.

Leonard Nimoy getting White Hatted by Calgary Mayor Dave Bronconnier

Leonard Nimoy answering questions at the panel

The panel was awesome. He seemed like a  very friendly down to earth guy. Funny. Not something I expected from Leonard Nimoy, to be funny, but he was. To be honest, I don’t really remember a lot of what he said, I know what he talked about, but as for actual words…they seem to have escaped me. I can say with 90% confidence that the rumour that the Leonard Nimoy in Vulcan was a double, is in fact false. It was @TheRealNimoy (his twitter name), cause it’s the real Nimoy. get it? Yeah…you get it. :)

I love that R2 has a VIP pass...guess he wasn't a guest this year

After the panel there was walking and checking out the booths and just a real sense of OMFG I AM SO OVERWHELMED!!! There was A LOT of stuff. We also had forgotten to get cash, or bring food and drink so as luck would have it there was a line for everything that we forgot to bring. Except the bathroom. Which I thought was odd. Where did everyone pee?

Anyway…one of my most favourite things about the Expo…the costumes people wore. They were really cool, and yes I am completely aware of how uncool sounding the phrase “really cool” is.  Awkward phrasing aside, the costumes really were amazing. Not many places where you can see Mystique walking next to a Stormtrooper. Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi sharing a laugh over a pic with people, Lightsabres crossed.Uhura from Star Trek was a popular costume, and I am NOT complaining heh ;) It was just a friendly gathering of fans of all things geeky/nerdy.

I’m not going to slam the Expo. I think Twitter and… IF YOU HAD EYES… you could see where the problems lay. Not gonna bring them up.

This Predator was the last thing this poor Treker fangirl saw.

Day 1 was:

Show up at 9am

Get in at 10:30

Bathroom – wander around and try to figure out WTF is going on.

11:30 line up for Leonard Nimoy Panel.

1:00 Leonard Nimoy Panel.

2ish – get out of Panel. Try to compose oneself from Panel.

2-4 wander around the Main Exhibit hall to get bearings on where to go for Autographs etc.

4pm – my feet are fucking killing me! Home time.

On the drive home agree on being there EARLIER, and getting signings done.


My buddy showed up early cause he’s awesome!

We arrive at 9:00 again – early fail.

We got moved to the doors…four sets of doors. Four lines. We got first position in one of those lines. :D

10am Doors open…MAD DASH to autograph line. Us – Leonard Nimoy. Buddy – Brent Spiner.

Srsly… 10:30ish we got our autograph of him on our Communicator prop from the original series

*goes back in time* 10:15ish – my buddy got to have a 2minute conversation with Brent Spiner and an autograph. Awesome.

Back to the Leonard Nimoy signing. Now I do have a slight gripe about this. I realize that there was no posed photography allowed, and I also get that were were literally thousands of people wanting a signature, but we aren’t cattle. Lady in front of me who asked if I could get a picture of you getting your autograph, here is what happened:

We handed over our cash and Communicator to be signed while you were getting yours signed. I looked in the view finder…GAH! Its the big lens!! All I got was a REAL up close of Mr. Nimoy. I moved back. Barely got you and him in the view finder, body guard snapped at me  for “taking too long” (roughly 20seconds), and that’s when I moved, and bumped into someone and pressed the button to take the picture. Plus I was all excited. If you are reading this, I do sincerely apologize for the AWFUL picture I took of you getting your autograph. I feel terrible. If it’s any consolation, I didn’t get a picture of us getting ours either.

The people working Mr. Nimoy’s table were very GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO!!! It felt very rushed. They were so fast that he had signed our box before we had gotten to him. They handed the box to the wrong person! Like..calm down people. I managed a “Thank you very much sir.” as we walked past him. P’s & Q’s are important people! Celebrity or not. I don’t blame Leonard Nimoy or the staff, I understand the need to keep the line moving…but…

Anyway…we got it signed and it was awesome to even be that close to one of the pioneers of Sci-Fi, a legendary pop culture icon.

The Communicator

10:30-11:30 wandering. My buddy bought an Optimus Prime print from a concept artist who works for ILM (Industrial Light and Magic – George Lucas’ special effects company.) OMGAWESOME! Looking back now, I should have bought a print from him…but he has a website Orbital Harvest so I may get something from there.

Little story:  he had a concept print of Qui-Gon Jinn getting ambushed by Darth Maul from Episode I. It was not for sale. I was not allowed to take a picture. It was in fact, property of LucasArts. :( Wanted it so bad. I tried to make a deal with him. He was kind, but adamant he was not allowed to sell it. We joked about how if I was ever in the Bay Area he would hook me up with getting into Skywalker Ranch. :D By the way…the print…it was incredible…i etched it into my mind forever! He had some pretty cool original creature designs that I seriously considered getting, I mean if one ever got used in a movie…..

11:30 we start to get impatient for buddy number 2. Want. Billy Dee Williams. Autograph.

I actually kind of last track of time at this point so from 11:30-4:00

Troma booth for buddy2 to get an autograph

Wander looking at the different booths trying to find buddy2 something called a “Traveller Bag”

Fed up with looking, went in line for Billy Dee Williams signing. 25mins maybe. Nice and slow. Got to say “Thank you very much” and he posed for a pic :)

Billy Dee Williams sig...You can sorta see it says Lando too :D

Billy Dee Williams

Sad little note: in the Family Guy episode Road to Rupert Season 5 Episode 9 there is a scene where Peter flips over his pillow and it’s Billy Dee Williams and he says “Hello Peter, Welcome to the cool side of the pillow….” the line goes on, but that part is awesome. Billy Dee Williams didn’t actually say that line! I wanted to have him say the line with my name there. Oh well.

More walking. Had lunch. Bought some stuff.

All in all, an excellent experience. I really enjoyed myself. Lots of fun. A gamut of emotion. Got some cool stuff, and it was nice to be able to geek out without being thought of as socially retarded. :P

Thank you organizers of the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. It was an amazing experience. I will definitely go back, but, I think I’m gonna aim for VIP tickets next time.

To quote random guy who asked Leonard Nimoy a question:

“Hello Mr. Nimoy *pause* I’m sorry, *slight pause* you’ll have to excuse me, I’m totally just geekin out here”

We all were my friend.

We all did.